Riding Etiquette

In both Illinois and Wisconsin, traffic taws apply to persons riding bicycles. Bicyclists riding on the highway are granted all of the rights and are subject to all of the duties applicable to the driver of a vehicle, with certain exceptions.

  • Stop at all stop signs.

  • Signal your intentions to turn, change lanes, slow down, or stop.

  • Advise those that you are about to pass by calling out "ON YOUR LEFT" or "ON YOUR RIGHT."

  • If you are slowing, give appropriate hand signals and say "SLOWING" or “STOPPING."

  • Do not call "CLEAR" when crossing an intersection.

  • Signal road hazards: "POT HOLES," "GRAVEL," and "REDUCED SHOULDER."

  • Advise others of "CAR BACK," "CAR UP," "CAR RIGHT," and "CAR LEFT."

  • Do not ride more than two abreast.

  • Be alert for passing bicyclists and allow them room.

  • Immediately get into single file when traffic is overtaking the group. Make room for others to move in.

  • Avoid bunching up, especially on hills and intersections.

  • Allow fellow riders to catch up if your group is split by change of traffic light, crossing traffic at a stop sign or personal needs.

  • Move completely off the pavement when stopping for a rest or repairs and emergency vehicles.

  • If unfamiliar with the route or cannot follow maps and cue sheets, do not ride alone.