2020 Camping Schedule

The 2020 MCBC camping trips will have a reduced schedule this year either due to lack of trip leaders or lower participation.  The trips planned will have at least 3 to 4 days of rides of 20 to 40 miles or other activities planned for each outing. Canoeing, kayaking and hiking are often available, as well as cultural events or attractions and shopping. Contact the hosts for the trip to get more information and to let them know you are planning to attend. Maps, cue sheets, pot luck info and final details are usually only provided to those who plan to attend via e-mail. Non-camping and non-riding members are encouraged to join in on the trips at nearby motels, which can be found on the internet or from the hosts. Web sites for each campground have additional information and directions. Thirty-one members participated last year, with more at the campgrounds than the motels, so don’t miss the good times, great food and beautiful scenery.

For more information about MCBC camping trips, contact any host or the Foins, 815-678-2132, or .

Download a copy of the schedule here: redarrow